About Us

The team was started in 2007 by Thomas Stueve, under the name Oregon High School Solar Car Team. The team has been fueled by dedicated and determined members since its inception. Since 2007, the team has built two solar-powered cars: Heliocentric and Heliocentric II. These cars have raced on the Texas Motor Speedway for the High School Solar Challenge 4 times in total. The team is now working on a third car called Lumidos, which will be created out of carbon fiber with forms from Stanford’s solar car, under our new name Oregon Solar Car Team

Who are we?

The Oregon Solar Car Team (OSCT) is an experimental project revolving around the design, construction, and management of a fully functioning, fully scaled, solar-powered racing car. The team is entirely made up of high school students and coached by Tom Stueve, a science teacher at Trinity Lutheran High School. OSCT is the only high school solar car team in the Pacific Northwest and has operated out of Bend, Oregon, since 2007. The team has constructed two separate cars (Heliocentric I and II), with a third on the way (Lumidos). OSCT competes biennially in the Solar Car Challenge and has placed 4th twice and 5th once. All high school students are welcome to join the team, and experience is not required to any extent.

How are we unique?

OSCT takes a different approach to solar car design. While most teams choose to pursue the tried, true, and tested solutions, OSCT is not afraid to try new things. We are known for being the lightest car in our division (at just under 300 pounds), while still having the largest surface area possible. Our vehicle is entirely designed and built from composite Carbon Fiber. Everything from the frame to the body, to portions of the mechanical system, are constructed from composite, resulting in an extremely lightweight car. We also pursue new and exciting possibilities for our motor, our solar panels, and our batteries. Whether it be a motor designed for use on military drones or hub wheels built by a single man in Croatia, we are not afraid to put our victory on the line in the name of pushing the envelope for what is possible. We have, and will continue to, prioritize scientific advancement over our sure victory.

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