Oregon Solar Car Team

Welcome to the Oregon Solar Car Team

The team was started in 2007 by Thomas Stueve under the name Oregon High School Solar Team. The team has been fueled by dedicated and determined members since its inception since 2007. The team has built to solar-powered cars: Heliocentric, Helocentric II, and Lumidos. Two of these cars have raced on the Texas Motor Speedway for the High School Challege 4 times in total. Our team is currently working on our third car called Lumidos, which has been created out of carbon fiber with forms from Standford’s solar car, under our new name Oregon Solar Car Team.

We build and race solar-powered cars made from carbon fiber and titanium, We develope essential marketing and STEM skills in our members who are abke to act professionally. Our team builds cars, but we also build passion, knowldege, and a work ethic in our team members.

We plan to make Lumidos our most efficient and successful car to date. We envision ourselves racing in Australia at the World Solar Challenge. We choose to use cutting-edge materials and techniques to futher the public’s understanding of solar energy and transportation.

  • We empower one another
  • We are one team, made from differnt people. We embrace varying personalities, ideas, and processess.
  • We are committed to dependibility-driven decisions and strive to have direct and transparent communications with each other and our sponors.
  • We consider all ideas based on reason regardless of the source of the idea.
  • Everything we do is an oppurtunity to learn. We move forward, reflect on our progress, iterate, and improve.
  • We empower one another. We are one team. We race to learn.

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